The Samsung Epic 4G is the first US released version of Samsung's Galaxy S II. Also known as the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

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How to replace SIM card?

I can't seem to find the SIM card slot on this device (SPH-D710). Where is it located and how can I get to it?

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لا يوجد في هذا النوع الموديل من جهاز ٧١٠ يدعم منفذ الشريحة . ولكن يعمل شريحة عبر البرمجة وذلك ربط رقم mied على






There is NO SIM card in this phone.

Found this online from this link regarding your phone.

"You are out of luck. This phone runs on CDMA technology. Which is what Verizon and Sprint use. Straight Talk can run on CDMA technology, but you need to be able to flash the phone to the carrier. Only successful carrier flashes for this phone are Boost, Virgin Mobile, and Metro PCS that I know personally. You might want to try flashing to one of those carriers instead of straight talk. Not sure why you want an advanced phone and a very limited service carrier."


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No. You are wrong. While the device itself does run on the CDMA network standard, any device -- GSM or CDMA -- that supports 4G-LTE MUST HAVE A SIM CARD IN ORDER TO CONNECT TO THE NETWORK. I realize this is a really.old post but it is misinformation nevertheless. The Samsung Epic 4G Touch most certainly uses a SIM card -- a micro SIM card in fact.


@M. Shane Britton

Not arguing but where is the SIM card inserted?

The user manual for the phone doesn't mention it and it only shows where to insert a micro SD card - see p.189, not a micro SIM card




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