making pc screen out of screen panel

Dear sir, i have found answer to this question here already (Can I Mod an early 2009 24" iMac to external monitor?), and did what you said...rolled up sleeves and digged out item on ebay "(HDMI+DVI+VGA)LCD Controller Driver Converter Kit for 1920X1200 LM240WU2(SL)(B4)" that should be my solution, but since i am new to this and begginer to electronics could you advise me is this correct for my screen panel and do i need aditional items so all of this can actualy work?

screen model has label on the back with following information:



bar code with number - YC9140A0V2B4A

bar code with number - 24094KN512991 511A

LG Display

if you could include answer to my email please

regard miodrag

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