An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life.

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Water sprays from Barista brewhead whenever machine is powered on.

Once the Barista machine is powered on, the brewhead begins spraying water immediately and only stops if I turn the steam dial on. It stops when steam is coming out, but starts again when steam button is dialed off. This happens when neither the Brew nor Steam button are depressed. I checked the spring-loaded valve in the brewhead and the little silicone ball is intact, attached to the spring. It is rounded and doesnt appear damaged. Could the brew button be faulty? Other suggestions? Help! Thanks

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If the pump is running whenever the machine is on, and turning the steam knob stops it, then you have your on and off mixed up. Opening the steam knob triggers a switch which turns on the pump, and closing it disengages that switch and stops the pump. Looking at the face of the knob, counter-clockwise is open/on, clockwise is closed/off.


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This does not solve the problem if I try to reverse it then the steam wand doesn't work. The steam wand seems to work fine....just can't get the water to ship spraying from the!


There are two switches that turn on the pump in this machine; the coffee button on the front and the switch on the water/steam knob. If either of these is triggered then the pump will run and the water will take the path of least resistance. If the steam valve is open the water should all come out of the wand, but if it's closed it will come out of the group head. If the coffee button is not depressed and the steam knob is all the way closed but your pump is still running, then it's likely the steam knob stop is out of adjustment and is triggering the switch. You'll need to open the machine up to investigate further; the Barista teardown should show you the steps.


What if I have the same issue as the original problem- except I also cannot turn the steam wand dial at all- it moves maybe a quarter of an inch, but nothing comes out and the green light never turns on. I have tried soaking the wand to see if there was a clog somewhere, but it's still not working- and still has the issue with the water coming out of the brewhead whenever the machine is on and won't stop without the steam button being depressed.




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