The Motorola Droid Bionic is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed by Motorola.

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Why is my phone not working, or how can I fix it?

My phone somehow just stopped working. I can’t even power it on I have to connect to the power cable just so the logo screen pops up otherwise if i take out the power cord it doesn’t work. I tried to do factory reset it doesn’t work, I tried to install a firmware package it won’t work. Also to program it to go to the factory reset I have to hold the Power Button+Volume Up Button+Volume Down Button then add the charger to power on the phone, otherwise if i don’t plug the power cord in it won’t work. I literally spent 7 hours strait trying to fix it and i couldn’t. Please if there is anybody who can tell me how to fix my phone i will happy because i don’t want to get a new phone cause i only had my phone for 3 weeks AND IT WAS BRAND NEW WHEN I GOT IT. Also if there is anybody who’s had this problem please respond so you can tell me how you fixed it so i can do the same thing. Or if someone can respond how can i install the system firmware package to the “Update Package to the External Package” on the Android System Recovery screen with the dead android so i don’t have to pay money for anything. So if anyone knows how to fix this phone, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE!

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Hi, If it was brand new 3 weeks ago, it is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Why stress yourself. get it replaced under warranty as it is obviously faulty. Check the warranty documentation that came with the phone as to what you have to do to get a warranty replacement/repair.


Yes, but the problem was i never got a warranty because the phone came $100 dollars cheaper so I don’t want to replace it i want to fix it so please if someone can tell me how do i fix my phone with these problems.


And i think the firmware is deleted from my phone so want to know how i can download it back through android system recovery mode. Like if i can i want to know how to put the firmware download package in my SD card and i want to how to install it in my phone from the SD card LEGALLY.




I would try to externally charge the battery with maybe a 5v charger chopped up, its not safe but I have done it a bunch and nothing ever happens. Old Motorola phones would throw a fit when the batteries were completely dead.


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How do i buy a battery? Or how do I externally charge a battery?



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