Repair information for the Asus Transformer Book T100TA. Released ~2013. Model number: T100TA .

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Change the t100 internal hard drive?

The biggest limit to the Asus t100 is its internal hard drive, which in my case is only 32 GB and this means I am limited from day one. So I was thinking, can I open the tablet, remove its internal hard drive, and replace it with a fast 128 GB MicroSD instead? I'm no technician but I don't see why that's not a great idea ;)!

P.S. Why not multiple MicroSDs?? ;D

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I also have that issue. The main problem is that you can't update the OS when the internal (screen) HD is full and it does not appear that you can boot from the micro SD slot in the screen portion either which would make it great since you can get a bigger micro SD card than is internal in the screen.





Yes, its fully possible to open up your T100 and replace the ssd/hdd with a bigger capacity one. Alternativly, if you do not wish to open it up, you could simply buy a microSD card and put it in for extra space. This method would be risk-free and could add up to 128gb of flash storage.


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I want to change the internal drive and have my BIOS and OS installed on it, and I may need to eject my MicroSD from time to time, so using a MicroSD instead isn't a good option for me. Who could do this for me?


I don't know where you live, but most computer service/repair shops can do this for you (for a fee).

Alternativly, if you would like to do the work yourself, there are many guides online showing, in detail, how to change the SSD on your specific computer. To transfer your OS (I am assuming its Windows) follow this guide:

Once you have the Product Key, you can put your new SSD into the computer. Then boot the computer up with a Windows install CD (those can be burned onto a cd disk). Follow the prompts and when asked to enter the product key just enter the one you got using the tutorial.


Thanks. So I'm horrible at such things, where can I find such detailed guide? And what am I looking to buy, because I though I just need a Micro SD that I can connect instead of the hdd, which means less weight and more capacity, but it seems I have to buy an actual SSD or HDD? Or a mini-SDD because it's in a tablet?


Sorry, I take back some of what I have writen. It turns out that there are a few versions of this specific tablet/computer. Some, have eMMC memory which is soldered on to the board and can not be replaced. Others also feature actuall HDDs in the keyboard (which can be replaced).

I am not sure what version you have, therefore, I simply advise you to put a 128GB microSD in it. You could have the OS and some essential programs on the internal disk, and other stuff on the MicroSD. That way, if you have to remove the MicroSD, the computer will still be a 100% usable. If you're tablet/computer does have a HDD in the keyboard, here are the online tutorials:

Once again, I am sorry for writing wrong information. And no, even if you could replace the HDD, there would be no way of just putting in a microSD only.




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