iMac shuts down after welcome Intro

When i press the power button i see the apple logo, then it loads the mouse on the upper left side of the screen.

After that i see the welcome screen intro, after that intro the screen becomes black, not sure if turns off or not. i don't hear any sound or something running.

I tried to boot from usb it was stuck at the grey boot screen with the apple logo

what could be the problem?

P.S i'm thinking about turning the imac to a screen with an lcd controller if couldn't find a solution.

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Do you see the loading progress bar and does it shut down at about midway? PS stop thinking until you have some idea of what is wrong!


It shuts down at the end of the welcome screen intro.


Could it be a HDD/SSD Failure, I had a 27" iMac that would begin booting, just reach welcome and then fail. I replaced the disk with a SSD and re-installed the OS. I'm not sure that is your problem, but it's a suggestion.


Can you record a video or take pictures?


i have usb boot disk on key with osx on it, when i try to boot from usb the screen is grey and stuck with no apple logo, progress bar is nowhere near to be found