Why is my charging port heating up so badly

Hi. I've been having problem with my charger since a few months ago but it didn't really bother me cause after unplugging and plugging (disconnecting and connecting the MagSafe with the power port) everything seems to be charging fine.

Until recently I realize by repeating the disconnecting and connecting steps, it doesn't work as often as before. Needed to repeat the steps for almost 30 minutes and eventually able to charge it.

I then searched the web and used a toothbrush to scrub it and it works like magic (charges as soon as I plugged in).

A few days later the same problem (couldn't charge) occur. This time I realize the power port got a little bit chipped off (there are 5 pins and the middle one I couldn't see the metal plate like that other 4 pins).

I needed to disconnect and connect it for another good 1 hour to be LUCKILY enough to charge it. But then when it charges, the MagSafe (the adapter connecting to the PowerPoint) got so hot that I couldn't barely even touch it and I saw the 2nd pin at the power port and MagSafe got burned to black color.

What do I need to replace? Some say the charging port, some say Logic board, some say the MagSafe.

Thank you.

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