The Nutri Ninja is a personal blender by Ninja Kitchen. This blender has no buttons: it starts blending when you insert the cup into the base. It is 900 watts.

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Why does the cup leak when I try to blend my ingredients?

When I attach the cup and blade to the blender base, my ingredients leak out.

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im finding these nutra bullits are a piece of $@$* and the company is maki f millio s off there $@$* product do not buy a nutra bullit i bought 2 and they both leak. ju k


I took my blade assembly apart to see if I could fix it. There is no bearings around the shaft, which means,in my amateur opinion, that over time the heat from the friction melts away the plastic underside. This in turn creates an uneven rotation, causing more damage, eventually leaking. If someone knows more on this, please comment. I would stick to the Nutri-Bullet as a replacement blender because it seems like their blade assemblies can be fixed according to all the YouTube videos out there. Not a single video for the Ninja; this company is basically selling a disposable blender.





The cup may leak because the blade is not screwed onto the cup tightly enough or the cup may be cracked. Examine it carefully to check for any cracks.


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Mine’s leaked from new!


Mines been leaking a while.. today I found little metal bearings in the cup housing when I removed the cup from its seat!


I found out why mine leaks. Around the treads of the cup there's a hair line crack you got look close. It's from when you blend it vibrates then eventually cracks...(Do not over tighten because that makes crack even sooner)




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