The Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer (64650) released in December, 2011

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Why can’t my mixer handle thicker dough?

My mixer seems to be functioning correctly but when I try to make something thicker like bread dough, it can’t seem to mix.

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Bread dough should only be kneaded using the dough hooks, as they are designed to work with high torque. If you believe that you are using the mixer with a reasonable load it is possible that the motor is overheating, and you may need to follow this guide to replace the motor.


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These are nice mixers, but bread dough definitely taxes them. Try adding the liquid ingredients first, then adding the flour slowly, a cup at a time. Your recipe may be too stiff for the mixer to handle. You can add water, a tablespoon or two at a time until the dough loosens up to the point where the dough hooks can handle it. Regardless of how much the bowl looks like it would fit, I wouldn't try a recipe using more than four cups of flour in this mixer.




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