The Blu Dash 5.0 Dual SIM D410 was released September 3 2013. Repairing this device is relatively complex and requires tools that have to be purchased.

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My blu phone rebooting

My blu phone keeps rebooting

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Hi carolineforbes28,

Check out this troubleshooting page for potential solutions to your rebooting problem. There could me many reasons why your phone reboots on its own. If you know it's not the battery, and you've already tried a hard reset, the problem may be with the motherboard. I hope the troubleshooting guide helps!


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It could also be a loose battery connection and not a hardware problem as you suggest. Using a wad of gum, or tape to securely attach the battery solved my rebooting problem.



worst phone ever... sorry i bought one


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My BLU phone was rebooting all the time.

I noticed the battery was moving around in the back of the phone.

I am a swimmer and I use silicone ear plugs to keep the water out of my ears.

You can buy these at any pharmacy.

I stuck one of these ear plugs between the battery and my case.

And the battery stopped moving around inside the phone case.

And that solved the problem.

Uncle G

PS: Also make sure your battery isn't dead.

That is the first thing I checked; wasn't that.


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This phone just sucks and so does this company

I got a blu V91 now know. G91 for some reason.

There are no instructions

This is supposed to have 128gb internal storage and it doesn't 2 videos a out 2 minutes and the storage is full so it says

No facial scanner

Gmail cannot be used on any phone because the options needed in order to use it, don't exist

I don't even know wtf Google play

Not sure wtf is with phone companies making false claims about the camera having 5 lenses and it has HDR and crap no it doesn't. There is a single camera that has a front and a back lens you either take a picture from the front or back or you don't.


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