Can be identified by Serial Number: 31.2000.2338851 Manufactured by Keurig

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Water or coffee is not dispensing

When I hit the brew button I notice that no coffee pours into the cup. If it does it comes out very slowly.

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I have tried most all troubleshooting methods... still takes forever to come down or only fills halfway





The water overflows instead of passing through the machine and dispensing coffee:

If the water or coffee overflows around the K-cup holder instead of dispensing, then your needles may not be penetrating the K-cup or the K-cup holder may be clogged. You can view our guide [here] on how to replace the top needle.

The water never makes its path to the K-cup:

If the water poured into the reservoir does not drain, it will not reach the K-cup. The drain on the Keurig may be clogged.


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On my K10 the coffee was not coming out. After attempting to disassemble the Keurig (thanks to Roberto Maldonado for his guide) I discovered coffee grounds in the hose from the water pump, just above the needle for piercing the top of the K-cup. Long story made short, I never needed to disassemble the K10. I believe the problem was that my wife had purchased coffee pods that were not made of plastic. They had a paper top then a bundle of tightly packed coffee beneath. When these were pierced, they forced coffee into the top needle where it eventually clogged. The solution was to bend a paperclip and push it into the top needle to clear the clog.

BTW, my K10 is now 7 years old and is working perfectly.


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