The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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itunes wont connect or sync with 39 error

my iPod is disabled and needs to connect to iTunes i can not put it in recovery mode because i get this error 39 i can not sync because it does not give me the message to trust my computer what do i do?

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Try a different cable or unplug and re-connect your cable until your iPad shows on your iTunes screen again and let it re-download the software my iPad lost the iTunes connect image on the iPad screen to download finished but it gave me error 39 second time downloading I will give you my results because I am doing the process as I speak.

Also the iPad that I am working on is not one that I have had iTunes signed in on my computer so it did not ask me to trust it because your iPad will not do that unless is operating in the normal iOS mode where you see your apps on the screen.

I will report back when I'm finished...


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I am using iPad you were using iPod but it will work the same all the iOS devices that have certain errors operate and function the same way so they should have no difference in our results


It did not work I'm trying something else I will report back when I find out I have solution




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