Startup failure right speaker crackle sound

I'm not sure, I looked at the guides but couldn't find my problem.


Won't startup past the DVD drive spinning up. I hear a sound, but it sounds fuzzy/crackly from the right speaker (nothing in the left one) .. it lasts for about 3 seconds.. then the entire thing resets, process repeats continuously but without any crackling sound.

Update 1/9: Screen never turns on, always stays black, checked from angle to make sure it's not even slightly on.

What I've done:

Tried PRAM and SMC resets

Opened it and blown it out... not sure what I might have to replace

Update 1/9: Taken ram out and put it back it (it was brand new ram, certified for this model)

Any ideas what I should do next for trouble shooting?

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so does it stay on while the screen is black or does it just turn off completely ? try to reseat the rams it worked for me couple of times. keep us updated

good luck