Repair guides and support for the laptop/tablet hybrid in the Toshiba Satellite Radius series released in 2014.

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Satellite radius p55w-B5224 keyboard replacement

I NEED TO REPLACE MY KEYBOARD OF my SATELLITE P55W-B5224. Any videos or how-to? please help

either a full disassembly or a how-to video or tutorial will do.

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Ugh, I just did this. Remove the bottom, battery, and hard drive. Unplug all the easy cables. (there are plenty of videos of how to do this).

You then have to unscrew all the screws on the motherboard with little arrows (some hidden under wires). No need to unscrew heat sink.

The 2 screws holding fan in.

The 4 screws on the black... modules?

The two screws in the back that keep the vent attached.

Eventually you can pull off the back vent and lift up the motherboard enough to remove a billion tiny screws that hold the thing metal layer keeping you from the keyboard. Once you remove all billion screws you can easily pull out the keyboard and slide in the replacement.

Reverse (this might be harder)

It is not for the faint of heart. Compared to replacing hard drive, ram etc. it is an order of magnitude more time consuming; although not as bad as the display looks to be. Mostly it's a hunt for screws that are often hidden under wires and of course care to not damage anything important.

The good news is that the new keyboard worked!


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Any way to remove the surface surrounding the keyboard up top? Recently bought a used one where there is a bend in the thin layer of brushed aluminum. I wanna remove it and smoothen it out and reattach


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