blows circuit breaker when press start

When I use the microwave feature, the circuit breaker pops. I thought that it was the outlet at first so I tried another outlet on a different breaker, same result. It seems to happen as soon as I want to "nuc" something by pressing start. I do not know how else to describe the issue so I hope that this is descriptive enough. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated as this device is not that old. Thanks

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We have the same issue with Kenmore. It works fine until yesterday. The light and vent are working but when we hit start to heat food, our panel breaker goes off.




If you have used this in the past and it worked it is likely a bad breaker, bad microwave or you have added something to the circuit to over-load it. If you will let me know how much electrical experience you have I can maybe suggest some ways to narrow it down.



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Since you tried the microwave on two different circuits with the same result I would suggest that the microwave has blown/burned out a component. Since some parts of the microwave circuitry could hold extremely high voltage even when unplugged, this is definitely not something you want to try to repair at home unless you are an electrical engineer or have experience in this area. Take it to a repair shop or buy a new one.


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