The Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System is a premium single cup home coffee brewing system by Keurig.

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reservoir refilling from the machine

Why is my reservoir refilling from the machine. It'll draw water in and then a small amount will brew out with the most of the hot water returning to the reservoir through the intake or overflow. It's as if a check valve is open.

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Paul, this is most commonly caused when the discharge tube backs up because of clogged lines, check valves or clogged needles. The water then comes out of the overflow tube back into the reservoir. Try cleaning it by following this guide.


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When I selected a large mine (a B60) would pump about 6 ounces, and then the rest would flow back to the tank through the vent/overflow line. None of the regular repairs helped. I tried descaling, cleaning needles, banging it around every way conceivable, blowing air into both the holes on the vent, and removing and cleaning the top check valve. Then I took the bottom off and saw there is a simple check valve on the pump discharge. It has a rubber nipple in it which I pried out with tweezers after removing three screws and splitting the housing. There were blisters on the rubber nipple preventing it from operating properly. I punctured the top layer of rubber on the blisters from the outside with a sewing needle and squeezed out the trapped water. Reassembled the unit and now it is working fine.


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