Completely Dead, No power from AC or Battery

I can't seem to find a similar problem on the threads here. So here goes.

I have a mid-2008 non-unibody MacBook Pro. It recently died on me with no apparent warning, symptoms or triggers.

The MagSafe port doesn't respond anymore. Checked that the charger was actually working find on another MBP. Doesn't power on via battery either. Battery has since depleted.

Is this a I/O board failure or a Logic Board failure? I'm kinda hoping for the former as it'll be a lot easier and cheaper to fix, plus it's easier to find a I/O board than a Logic Board.

This ain't the first time I had such an issue though. Previously it was still under warranty, and all fixed nicely at Apple. But since it's more than 5-years-old, Apple doesn't stock the parts for this either.

Anyone has the same issue?

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