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White LCD after LCD replacement

After installing a new LCD on my Macbook Pro, the computer turns on, runs as normal. However, the LCD is white. I looked to make sure no wires were pinched and everything was connected correctly...and it all is. I then checked to see if I had damaged the computer by connecting it to an external display and the computer ran fine. Now, I am trying to figure out what the problem could be.


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Seems to be a problem with the LVDS (video) cable. Did you replace only the LCD panel or the whole display assy ? Do you use the same cables that you used on your old setup ? Could you tell us why you replaced the LCD ?


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Thanks for your reply.

I did replace just the LCD panel, and the cables that I used are the same. As far as what had happened: I was walking up a staircase and fell on to the MBP while it was open. My hand hit the LCD creating the blotting and broken LCD. Also, the Display was slightly tweeked out of place and is now bent a little towards the right side. If you were to look at it from above it would look similar but not as severe as this: /. Maybe a 5 degree tweek. I'm not for sure.


The LVDS (video) cable was probably damaged by the impact so you should replace it.



I had the same problem when i installed a new display on my Macbook. I thought it was the display but it was brand new so i basically rewired all the cables and the problem was solved. I noticed the bezel wasnt properly fitting into display so I figured it was a pinched cable, and it was. After dismanteling and reinstalling everything worked fine. Try it. Good luck.


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as so often - any way to go back to a before state? is the old display somehow usable? You may have a bad display, or a compatibility issue, first step would be to restore the state of before the repair to see if any additional damage occurred during the repair


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