A single-serve blender made by Hamilton Beach in 2011. Similar to the Hamilton Beach 55103, 51126, 51131, 51132, and 51133.

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Why does the blender smell like smoke?

During or after use, the blender begins to smell of smoke.

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Student Question


I just brought a brand new blender and it smell like smoke


It smokes during use


I got this juicer and tried for 1st time and even my juicer smelled burnt rubber and i continued to grind carrot, cucumber, watermelon and i started getting black juice from the juicer. I was shocked and stopped the juicer and saw the juice turned black and that juice was down the juicer also. The place became messy





When you are using the blender, electricity going through the motor heats it up.

This heat can vaporize oils and other stuff on or near the motor and give this burning or hot smell.

This type of blender is meant to be PULSED and not continuously used, especially for more than 20 or 30 seconds at a time. Be aware of how warm it gets during use so that you don't burn it out. Let it cool between uses.


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I just purchased the blender yesterday... little blender does the job nicely for very small items you know nothing big ...but the smell coming from the motor is just awful and has not subsided.. I pulse it very little and I wait and then I pulse.. I don't continuously do it and the smell is very bad... I guess I'm going to have to bring it back..... besides the smell of the motor... it's a cute little blender for small jobs.. if you really want a real good smoothie ..I use the NutriBullet but for the money it's a nice little blender ....I just don't know if I purchase another one it's probably going to have the same problem with the smell...


One more thing about this blender... I have a 92 year old neighbor which I didn't realize until about a week ago he was not taking off the jar and washing the whole blender in soap and water with the cord ..with the motor ...I said oh my God what are you doing.. he said well don't worry I let it dry out.. so I showed him how to take the lid off he said he doesn't want to be bothered and he's been immersing the plug and the motor for just about a year and that little blender is still working.. that is pretty amazing ..but I told him he will get electrocuted and God's been with him.. so I'm hoping he's going to listen to me LOL.. but that's pretty amazing that that blender is still working after he immerses in water... maybe that got rid of the




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