Repair guides and support for the laptop/tablet hybrid in the Toshiba Satellite Radius series released in 2014.

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toshiba satellite radius p55w - b5224 screen replacement

please help me. i have toshiba satellite radius p55w - b5224 touch model . my laptop's screen is detaching from it's right bottom. which solution should i use to paste it?

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As a Certified Technician for many brands and models of laptops, do not.. I repeat... DO NOT use any "paste" to fix your screen. Use 3m Two Sided Adhesive Tape. Get a .03mm thickness or less full sheet and cut to size.


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Hey, so my hinge is also splitting the screen on the right side. Toshiba said that the hinge needed to be replaced and the back also need to be replace. I've done this before on another laptop. I was wondering if adhesive would work or do I actually need to take apart my laptop and replace the parts. Nothing seems broken.



I used the epoxy glue (the one clear and one darker that you mix them together) and shove it in the corner where was split open. I fill up all the gap there and hold it tide till harden. I never had a problem since then and is almost a year since then. I flip that screen regularly and does not come open anymore.


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