Repair information and guides for the sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Model: A1428, A1429

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Definitive method for glass only repair

This question goes for pretty much any iphone, not just the 5.

Has anyone managed to develop a method which leads to having a decent screen after replacing just the glass?

I feel I am close, but am ultimately missing a couple of vital things.

I can successfully remove the broken / cracked glass and all the old adhesive and still be left with a good lcd and digitiser.

What I do next is desolder the backlight from the lcd and replace this with an older already damaged backlight - this is just to make up the correct thickness in order to place the assembly into a jig. I remove the original backlight in order to prevent any of the loca glue from getting in there.

I then use the loca glue and attach a new piece of glass to the lcd. Take it out and clean it up, removing all excess loca glue. I use ipa to clean the back of the lcd panel (although I can never get this looking 100% as it did originally)

Once I'm sure all the loca is removed, I resolder the backlight and secure it back in place. I connect the display back to the phone and hey presto, all is good.

I then fully assemble the phone again, but by the next day, some of the loca has leaked out into the backlight! - and the backlight will sometimes flicker.

No major drama, I can just switch the backlight for a new one again, ensuring that all further traces of loca are cleaned up.... But by now, even if the display looks fine, the backlight still has a flicker. This can't be down to the backlight filter on the phones motherboard as a new display assembly connected to the same phone works perfectly.... So, even though I'm being very careful soldering the backlight back on, am I causing some kind of damage in doing this?

Can anyone see where I'm going wrong? Who routinely does this with good results?

Thank you for reading.

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I'm not sure if this answers all of your question, but I do know about the flicker issue. It's only happened to me a few times on a glass repair, but it frequently happens after I fully disassemble a phone, motherboard and all. Still don't know what causes it, but I do not how to fix it. All you need to do is a image burn the LCD a little, to do this, turn the brightness all the way down and set the phone to never lock. Put it on a charger and let it sit there with the screen on for anywhere from 30min-4hrs or so. When you turn the birhgtness back up at the end, the flicker should be gone. Some of them are a bit stubborn and you will have the increase the brightness is small amounts at regular intervals. Regardless, this method works 100% of the time for me. Let me know if it works for you


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Thank you Josh - I have now tried your suggestion for the flickering. It hasn't worked, and so I can only assume that my flickering is purely down to me causing some kind of damage during the desoldering / soldering of the backlight. Probably too much heat on those poor little pads!.

This won't happen any more as my 15 - 20 year old soldering iron finally died yesterday, so I'm in the market for a new one.

I am happy to say that I am yet another step closer to getting this nailed though. I have done one today where I left the backlight attached (no choice really!!) but still removed it from the LCD and placed it in a bag.

After successful rebounding of the glass, and cleaning up, I just left the backlight off for several hours, and occasionally came back to it to wipe away further LOCA that leaks just out of the top, near the connectors. Time will tell over the next few days if I have gone and put the backlight on again too soon, but at the minute, I have a near perfect, refurbished display.



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