Is there a full-body replacement kit

Dear 3DR,

I was excited to receive my Aero-M two days ago - I spent a day building/rebuilding and

testing various components/processes.

Today I tried a manual launch in 'FBWI' mode, which was successful - however once switching to 'auto' and beginning the autonomous mission, the Aero-M cut power to prop...I switched back to 'FBWI' and tried again, with more height - but the same result, only this time, I didn't get control back in time and it well and truly bought the farm.

Question 1: If I have a 'takeoff - pitch = 20, alt = 30' as the first mission entry, but I switch to 'auto' mode above 30m, would this explain the Aero-m cutting power to the prop?

Question 2: I need to get back in the air ASAP - but would prefer not to buy the $5400 full set-up - is there are 'crash replacement kit' - i.e. new body, plus camera, etc - I can order immediately - I won't need such things as 'batteries, battery charger, controller, FPV gear, camera'

I need an answer as soon as possible.



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