The Canon EOS 7D was Canon's first high end professional camera with an APS-C crop sensor.

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My 7D just suddenly stopped working . help!

I was out shooting and my 7D just turned off by itself and after that

I couldnt make it work. All i am seeing on the mini lcd screen

is an empty battery icon that keeps on blinking even if its a fully charged battery

and even if the camera is switched off, that icon still blinks.

Tried to do something about it like turning it on and off, changing the

battery and trying another fully charged one, i even try to use another CF card.

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It happened to me today. It has worked very well for 7 years. i tooka dozen shots this morning and it went grey in the view finder. It will not take a picture or do anything. I cannot look at pix on the memeory card. it is dead. i recharged and tried 2 batteries and nothing. What is it/




Follow these steps to fix the problem:

Symptom: EOS 7D won't turn on. Battery is charged. Tried several batteries. Battery door closed. CF card compartment door closed.

Diagnosis step one: Is the Lithium battery fresh? Replace and check. (My best bet here!)

Step two: Clean the battery contacts in the battery compartment. In particular the silver one that is closer to the back of the camera. Use a screwdriver and slightly scratch any oxidations off the surface of the lowest, protruding part of the silver contact. After that clean with cotton swab and alcohol. Carefully clean the two copper contacts with cotton swabs and alcohol.

Step three: If it still won't work or the camera fails again shortly afterwards, remove bottom plate and see if one or several screws of the bottom circuit board (towards the handgrip or towards the CF card door) fell out. Happened to my 7D, too. Shaking the camera and tapping with a screwdriver can remove the screw from the innards... Mind the flash capacitor! If none of this helps, you might have to replace the circuit board. Good luck!


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My Canon 7D turns on ok, but when I want to take a picture the light path opens but doesn’t close to take the photo. Please help.


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my canon 7d is stuck on video mode

even when the dial is set to photo

can any one help


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My Canon 7d mark ii just stopped working. It refused to on or even show sign of current. Please what can I


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