The Canon EOS 7D was Canon's first high end professional camera with an APS-C crop sensor.

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Frames per second are slowing down... Repair?

I have a Canon 7D that I use primarily for sports photography, so the multiple frames per second feature has been used a LOT. I have noticed that it is skipping or slowing down. Where one press of the shutter used to result in 7 shots in a row, now there is a break and they are spaced differently. I don't think I have changed an internal setting to get this result (although I will check).

Is there a way to repair that particular feature with good result? I photograph horses, dogs, humans in sport, so often track and take multiple images.


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hello MFA,

The fault can be occur due to bad memory module. Change the memory (Flash) card and shoot. it should work.


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Note that the 7D will slow down considerably in bad lighting situations! This is independent of your shutter speed and aperture settings! To check, use with lens cap on: fps goes down to approx. 3/s. Point at a lamp or use in daylight: fps goes back to 7/s.


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