PS4 Controller model CUH-ZCT1. Released in November 2013 by Sony Computer Entertainment, this six-axis, 3.7 V lithium ion battery controller is uncomplicated to repair. (NOTE: Teardown guide is NOT for this model)

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DS4 left stick response problems

Hey, so I have a remote that I think is from an early batch, I have heard of a few other people with similar problems from over a year ago. The remote looks new but I think I have been tricked into buying a second hand lemon as these issues were happening from almost day one and I noticed the box seal was broke when opening it. Unfortunately I can't get a refund or replacement.

The problem with the left stick is as follows:

Push up is sometimes unresponsive

Push left goes up and left

Push right goes down and right

Push down works

L3 sometimes is unresponsive

What is the best solution?

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replace your left analog stick

but you need soldering skills


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