Can I fix a semi-functioning key on a PB 15" (A1106)?

PB 15" (A1106)

The H key on my PowerBook G4 15" (A1106) must have gotten some trash under it, because it only works 1/2 the time. If I press hard, it will work.

Can I clean this out? Can I lift the key cap and clean underneath? How?

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Step 1

Turn the Powerbook computer off.

Step 2

Remove the key you wish to replace by gently popping it off with the flat head tool or screwdriver.

Step 3

Find the white plastic scissor/prong assembly behind the key and squeeze the scissor to release each prong.

Step 4

Find the thin silver hook and maneuver the key toward your body to wriggle it out from beneath the hook.

Snapping The New Key In

Step 1

Check the replacement key to ensure that the pivots on the sides are not broken and that the snaps and hooks on the underside of the key are all intact.

Step 2

Remove the scissor assembly from the back of the new key if it has not already been removed.

Step 3

Slide the scissors underneath the bar on the keyboard, then squeeze the key on the sides to move the pivots into the holes and snap it into place.

Step 4

Place the keycap directly over the top of the scissor assembly on the keyboard, then push down to snap it into place.

Step 5

Push the key again to test the placement, making sure the key is fully snapped into place and springing back prop

Clean it out using a Qtip, toothpick and isopropyl alcohol


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