The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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My xBox keeps switching itself off after 5 minutes.

Im wondering if anyone has any ideas about this.

I was given an xbox 360 for free a few months ago by a friend who said that if i can fix it i can keep it, and now im losing my patience with it.

After 5 minutes after switching it on, it just switches itself off again. I have opened it and cleaned away all the dust and grime (there was lots) from all the components in the inside.

I am not very technically gifted so i would appreciate a bit of help.


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Sounds like a overheating issue.

Is the fans running?

No: Why?

Yes: Good

Is the console old?

Replace the thermal paste.


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How to Apply Thermal Paste

Read this guide about replacing therman paste.

As to how to open up the xbox 360? I'm not sure, haven't done it before.


the console is a couple of years old. the fans sound as if they are trying to make the console take off.


Have you played on an xbox 360 console before?

They are loud.. Mine sounds like an jumbo jet taking off, and it's perfectly normal... Once it start sounding like an F22 jet-fighter I'm going to replace my thermal paste.

Just a thought


no i havent played on it before because it was given to me broken. I fixed the thermal paste problem but now when i switch it on i have a 3 light "ring of death".

any suggestions?


Maybe you spilled some thermal paste on the cpu? That could cause some weird errors.

The three lights is probably some sort of error code. Sadly I wasn't able to find out what it was.



may be like rousp said the fans are not working or u need to take it apart an use some computer cleaner,duster,my old 360 did that it was the xenon chip now i have the falcon chip one it works well but the disc tray wont open some times i have to use contact cleaner on it but a few days later same prob i tap on the top to get it open,good luck there a pain to take apart all the screws an the removal of top an bottoms a pain it takes time an some skill.


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solves your issues, trust me ;)


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wazzzat, did your xbox not stop functioning shortly after the repair from that link? Does not sound like a good repair, does it?




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