Part of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows smartphones. Announced July 2013.

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Replacing a broken screen

My brother's Lumia 625 has a screen that's cracked all to !&&*. It's still functional, touch controls working. I've looked at some youtube videos before but they all involve heat guns and pretty complex dis-assembly work. Does this phone need the digitizer replaced or just the screen, and is there a simple way to do that with an IFixIt kit?

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It is a lot easier to get the glass with the digitizer already on it. I think it would be very difficult to remove the digitizer since it is very thin. My father has replaced my glass twice already and used a hair dryer instead of heat gun to heat up the glue to remove the old glass and you do not need to dis assemble the whole phone as in the video you watched, Find another video . Hope this helps


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