A sturdy laptop by IBM released in 2003, ThinkPad is now owned by Lenovo.

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How to reset supervisor password

OK mother in law loaned out her old IBM r40 when it came back it had a password on it when asked the the person said humm I don't rember. Well now it ends up in my hands. I tried the clock battery removal no luck. It shows a it shows the IBM splash screen then goes to a lock with the number 1 next to it and I think that means its a supervisor password. Could just be a HDD not sure. But I do know thinks to the security chip I'm locked out. Any help would be appreciated.

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Here is an IBM backdoor Bios password "merlin" all lower case no quotes...Let me know if it works...


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If not I'll look for a boot cd that you can download and remove the password with...


Here is something else you can try....

THE MOST EASIEST WAY TO BYPASS THE BIOS USER PASSWORD (not to enter the Bios but to enter computer Windows).

1.When you turn on the computer you wait until it say: “Enter Password”.

2.When the first step is done you press and hold End for about 3 seconds.

3.While holding end press Enter and you will be on your way to Windows.


Now if your not getting a prompt to enter a password, your hard drive could be bad. You then will have to connect it as an external drive to another computer and see if it is recognized, If it is recognized see if you can access files. If you can access files, then run a check disk..If it all checks out good, then it may not be booting up if the MBR (master boot record) is corrupted, then you will need to fix the MBR with a program.




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