The Nokia Lumia 710 is a Windows Phone smartphone with a 3.7" touchscreen.

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fix network connection problem

My phone has Network Connections Problem. What do i do?

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hi, Louisa, i found some information that may help you.

1. downloaded the latest version of Network Setup (Nokia app) from marketplace. I had to uninstall version 1.1.x as before installing newer version as for some reason it was not letting the update through

2. ran the network setup and added new APN and MMS APN(dont know what this is) also as

3. Now it gave me two networks to choose from AirTel and airtel. I chose airtel (Do not ask me why)

4. switched off the data connection under settings>mobile network (again dont ask me why)

5. switched off the phone and removed battery and also sim card

6.put back the sim and battery and switched on the phone

7. Switched the data connection back on under settings>mobile network Voila,, it worked.

no Nokia care or Airtel needed.. no factory reset needed...


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