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Can you reuse the double sided adhesive holding the glass panel down?

When replacing cracked glass covering the LCD panel, can you simply remove the glass without removing the adhesive, and install the new glass on the original adhesive. If not, where can you find the adhesive?.

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Replacing just the glass cover on your display assembly is a difficult task. If you have not already, take a look at this guide. The procedure for removing the display assembly from the computer will be different on a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012, but the procedure for separating the front glass is the same. iFixit doesn't sell the front glass or the adhesive anymore. A quick internet search for "MacBook Pro 13 display glass" turned up several sources, and some of them, have adhesive included. It is very unlikely that the old adhesive will be in any shape to reuse when you get the old glass off. It is an easier but far more expensive repair to replace the whole display assembly. Replacing just the glass requires tons of patience removing the broken pieces and all the left over adhesive, and the result may not be aesthetically pleasing. Getting it all back together like the original assembly with no lumps can be challenging. Good luck on your repair!

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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2012) Display Assembly



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Thanks for the response. I've already bought new glass and have all the tools, and digested the guide you mentioned (I also have the late 2009 MB unibody with a faulty trackpad I'm replacing. Yeah). Scouring the net for glass replacement has come up with some saying it's double sided tape, and they reuse it, and others (one in particular from some foul-mouthed guy in NY) indicate adhesive that should be replaced. Searching for that adhesive has not been successful. So, from your response I should definitely replace the adhesive, should I find some. Thanks!


If the glass comes with the adhesive already i recommend not using it. If you try to reuse the old adhesive it will not hold the glass and dust will get underneath, this is the way the adhesive is if it comes already on the part as well. You can use regular double sided tape however i am not sure how long it will stick since it isn't a tacky tape. I usually buy crafts tape which is used in scrap books, holds up much better. I buy this adhesive (link below) and it works very well, i used to use it at work for repairs and it was very hard to find afterwards. We used it for holding digitizers onto the iPad, glass for MacBooks, lens' for iPhone 5,5c,5s, galaxy lens.' We used it for pretty much everything. Works great!


Thank you! Great suggestion, and I'll give that tape a try, fingers crossed :-)




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