Replacement Battery Not Recognized "X"

I bought a new battery here at iFixit. The original battery was not being recognized, there was an "X" in the battery icon in the Apple Menu.

The original MacBook got wet, so I replaced it. Then I read about the DC-In Board and have now replaced both. However, the battery is still not recognized.

Suggestions or ideas, please.

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You said: "The original MacBook got wet, so I replaced " - replaced what with what? Just the battery and DC in board or the entire logic board and battery, DC in board? Have you examined the logic board for corrosion, burn marks, swollen components?

Have you ran Apple Hardware Test? (I assume the machine boots from mains?)

Help us help you. The more complete the description of your problem is (in this case more history about what you've replaced, how you determined it needed replacement) the more assistance we can provide, and, the sooner we can provide it.