Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, and a better design.

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Plastic tab broke; touch screen works but no picture

TL;DR: need to identify replacement part OR options for plastic tab meant to secure bottom screen's ribbon

Inside the 3DS XL there are small plastic tabs that clamp down to secure the ribbons in place.

During reassembly, the particular tab for the ribbon of the (bottom) touch screen popped off when I attempted to close it. (Digitizer is fine)

I cannot for the life of me reinstall it as it is ridiculously tiny, even for precision tweezers. So of course I broke the f*€£ing thing. I secured the ribbon with a small piece of scotch tape. Now the touch screen functions but does not show picture.

THAT BEING SAID: what the !&&* is this part called, where do I get it and how can I put it back?

Any advice on the matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all

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I might have a similar problem. We broke a connector near the same area, except I'm not even sure if the touchscreen is working. The bottom screen won't display.

Was it the plastic tab clasp for the bottom display (A thicker ribbon connector runs into it) or the clasp for the ribbon connector next to it? (I'm not sure what this is, it's just a thinner connector next to the thicker one.)




It sounds like you are talking about the wider ribbon cable for the lower LCD. I don't know of anywhere you can buy these pieces. It's just called the lower lcd connector or socket. Your best bet is going to be finding a junk motherboard on Ebay and taking the part off of that.

This repair can be done. I get these periodically. It is an extremely difficult repair and I always use a jewelers luope to do it, but a microscope would be better. the trick is to get the new one under the pins and into the grooves on the sides of the socket before you fold it back. It can be done, but it's hard.

I hope this helps.


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Is there any other way to fix this issue. I have one where I ordered a dead board, pulled the tab off of the dead board with no issues, but couldn't get it on the good board. Can you give me any tips on how to either get it on, or how to get the screen working without the tab.



I saw someone using a putty to hold this cable down, but I'm not sure how that would even work.

I'd love for someone to figure out how to just snap the door back in place.


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You are talking about the Pxx conector in the 3DS XL that retains the flex cable coming from the touch screen.

For the 3DS XL is has four differents : P10, P12, P13, and P17.

You can find it in ebay and some other on-line stores.

My advice buy at least 10 if having a regular solder and good soldering skills, because is quite easy to damage it.

Ideal fix is done with a microscope, heat station, and a lot of good flux.

Fixable but not easy.

Good luck,



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