The Power Macintosh G4 is series of personal desktop computers released by Apple in 1999, and sold through 2004. This page is for the M5183 designation.

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Stays on Boot Screen and Nothing More. What can I do?

I'm fairly new to Mac softwares and hardwares.... 3 days ago I was gifted by a friend a Power Mac G4 Quicksilver and it didn't came with its peripherals, just the tower. Today I decided to plug it in to see what it needs to be updated and cleaned and when I turn it up it stays on the boot screen and doesn't do anything else, even doesn't show the loading spinning wheel. I unplugged it, pressed the I/O button, removed the RAM and the battery from the mother board, after 5 minutes I put both things back in and when I turn it on again it stays on the boot screen like the first time. I left it like that for some time now to see if it boots completely but nothing. Also I don't have the OS CD.

From what I could see on the mother board it has 3 128Mb RAM's and 2 40Gb HD's

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You may have a hard drive ID conflict. Disconnect one of the hard drives and check the jumper setting. Set it either to Master or Cable select. You may have to do a web search for your exact hard drive and "jumper setting". Do this for both drives to see if it boots or has a system folder on either drive. Let us know your results and we can go from there.


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Thanks for replying and I made an error describing the model of the G4 I have. I own the Graphite (M5183) model and in the inside it has 3 256Mb Rams, 1 40Gb IBM Deskstar HD & the other one in the bottom is 80Gb Western Digital WD800 HD. I also notice that it had a multicoloured cable similar to the one connected to HD's disconnected and it has one conector only at the tip, could that be the problem? if not I will proceed with what you suggested.


First there are 28 different M5183 models. The hard drive sits on the bottom of the cabinet. Another hard drive can be stacked on it. It sounds to me like you have one installed in the optical drive bay. Here's where the hard drives should be: Power Mac G4 M5183 Hard Drive Replacement


Yeah exactly like that and found the exact model of my G4


Sounds like the previous user did not know how to set up Master- Slave drives, so he used the optical drive BUS for the second hard drive. Disconnect the drive in the upper bay and see if it will boot. Next switch out the hard drives and see if that one will boot. Set the drives to Master or Cable select.


I see well, I will do that then and comeback with the results. c:





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