The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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How can I replace the fans?

fans are loud

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This may not answer your question, you have not provided much information yet.

Yes, the fans are loud. They are nice expensive fans. If you replace them with quieter fans without knowing exactly what you are doing, you risk burning out the processor, at which time you have a box good for parts only.

Are you running OSX or OS9?

The machine was not tested much with OS9, and the fans are loud. There are software fixes.

If you are running OSX, you need to get Temperature Monitor, or a similar tool so you can see what is going on with your fan controller.

Look for the Download Now arrow and link on the right side of the page.

Lemme know what you learn.




Hey Tom, Thanks for the info.

You must be running OSX, since TM is an OSX only app.

56.8 is low. You should be running closer to 59.5C (about 138F).

Check the temp after the machine has been running hard for 2 hours, it should be closer to 59C. Your processor is safe up to around 69C.

No matter what, when the temp in your house gets hotter, the fans run faster (AKA louder).

You could buy a new Intel Mini, no fan, comes with OSX 10.6 (I think), $500.

Get back to me after a couple hours of working it hard with a temp update.

I will look into the possible problem further (I have never heard of the fans running too fast, keeping the temp down to 56 running OSX).


OK, a little research goes a long way sometimes.

I think you will like this. There are reports from the field that when people bring in their old clunky G4 Macs with loud fans to the Genius Bar at an Apple store, the Geniuses will replace the fans for free. No free parts, but free labor.

Go ask your closest Genius, and see what he says. You might even try calling if there is no Apple store close by. Make sure you talk to somebody from the Genius Bar. If they say no, come back here.

If they say yes, you can expect to have to disconnect all the wires, haul the heavy box into the store, and your new fans, and then haul it all back to your car. For free.

This is not as unusual as some people think. In the old days, Apple replaced or fixed every single Apple ][ that was ever sent (unsolicited, without an RMA number) to the corporate offices - as a matter of POLICY. For free. And shipped it back. For free. Don't tell anyone...


"the original 120MM case fan is rated 86 CFM and 37db."


OK, we still need CFM ratings for the other factory fan(s?). Is there just the case/PS fan and the CPU fan?

And we need ratings for your replacement fans.

You should get fans that have proper CFM ratings

One guy suggested using a bigger fan on the CPU (120mm) and running it slower (lower voltage to the fan - only do that when the fan is rated for the voltage you use).

If your new fans have high enough CFM ratings, replacing may help noise reduction. BUT it may just give you a very similar sound.

Note - Apple designed the case/fans to keep the processor cool when the room temp hits 95 or 100F (max operating temp). If you ALWAYS keep the air conditioning at 80F, that might help.

I have read that the CPU fan always runs at full speed in the Quicksilver. That 120mm fan idea is sounding better all the time. Find one you can run at 7.5 volts. You would probably have to figure out how to do that one yourself.

Are you ready to buy a silent Mac Mini yet? Maybe for an anniversary?


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Thanks, Dave

I downloaded the Temperature Monitor and found that my temperature is 56.8 C and the upper limit is 62.0 C. Does this tell me I don't have a problem as far as the machine is concerned? Mostly it my wife saying that the fans make a lot of noise - and i guess they do, I have just learned to live with it.

Yes it would be nice if they were quieter. I did order replacement fans and have them sitting here. When I tried to install them I could not figure out how to take out all the necessary other stuff to get at the fans. Should I just use good ear phones and get used to the noise and report my low temperature to my well-meaning sweetheart? Smile?




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