Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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What did I remove? Small dot of glue on the motherboard


I accidentely broke subwoofer/speaker connector on the motherboard when I was going to tear my computer down to replace thermal paste, I tried to attach it with super glue (doh!) but that didn't work.

I thought I had spilled this small dot of glue on the motherboard but it was actually a dot of glue that was supposed to be there and I'm now afraid I've destroyed something.

What I'm referring to is marked with arrows :)

Block Image

Would it be possible to solder or put this little glue dot back? Also is it possible soldering back the subwoofer connector?

I feel so stupid :(

Thanks in advanace!

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Bestefa, don't feel stupid. First off we have all done weird things, second you are at least asking the right questions at the right place:-) Any chance you can take a picture off your board and the part you are referring to. Do a close up straight down on the board so we can see the payout a bit better. There are to many components in the black circle and it makes it hard to see what exactly you are referring to.


I guess we all do :)

I found a better picture, I've marked the both components with arrows now so It's easier to see what I mean :)

Picture here:

If you can't see the picture I've updated the main post with the same picture.





Bestefa, that is reference designator U6620 which is a SSM2375 Mono 3 W Class-D Audio Amplifier. It is a 9pin BGA Ic and you may have to find somebody to reball it for you. The IC is available at places like this. That would be the time to have that speaker connector repaired as well. The speaker connector is a Molex 78171-0004 check on here for more details. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image


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Thank you for the answer! This is not something I can do myself I guess? What do you mean with reball? Soldering? What happens if I don't have that U6620? Wont my audio work at all? Also, can't I use the current Speaker Connector that I have or do I have to buy a new one?


Bestefa, not unless you know how to reball a BGA IC :-) that is a way to solder the chip to the board. Yes, you can resolder your connector. The U6620 is the amp for your right channel, the left should still be working. If you do not have the IC, check the link in my answer. You can get it from there as well as many other places. Not to expensive.


Ah ok! I will have to find someone to do it for me then, is it hard for someone with experience to do this? I still have that little U6620 that has glue around it, not sure if it's defective though. What does the U6620 do? Because when I push the speaker connector to the motherboard it the speakers works.

!@#$... Why did I start trying to glue this, that's why I removed that U6620 cause I thought it was spilt glue :( Should have checked on the picture first...

Oh well.. Do you think this will be exspensive to fix?


The U6620 is the amp for the right side. So you still have audio but only the left channel. As in why you glued it, may be it seemed like a good idea at the time ;-) Not sure where you reside and what your best options for the repair would be. Places like charge a flat fee for logic board repair. their work is good but the price would be high but they take care of the whole board. The other place is out of California and you may contact them and see what they tell you.


Ah ok, thank you so much for the help. But even though I removed the U6620 I still have audio when I push the Molex 78171-0004 onto the motherboard. So I really have no idea what the U6620 do, you say it will give me audio but I still get audio without it, but it will only work when I push the Molex 78171-0004 on but as it's loose I need to solder that back aswell... I didnt try and glue the U6620 btw, I tried to glue the Molex 78171-0004, the U6620 had glue around it from factory :P

Too bad I live In Sweden I will have to try and find a company or a friend that can do this for me.

This won't affect me using headphones, right?

I feel so darn stupid and I regret ever opening my computer up today, if I would have been more careful with the Molex 78171-0004 I wouldnt have to spend tons of money to repair this :(





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