1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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Not accepting power through DC jack, but runs on battery.

Model#: A1465

Sales#: MD223LL/A, MD224LL/A


1. Client has trouble charging battery. They then replace the magsafe 2 adapter.. issue persists.

2. Client brings me computer to repair -- I realize it is not accepting power from the adapter via dc jack what so ever.

3. I try SMC & PRAM resets. Same issue.

4. I replace the I/O board (923-0118). Same issue. Still no light on power adapter(s) and the battery indicator within the OS doesn't show it's even plugged in (or charging, for that matter).

5. Now I'm stuck!

Does this client need a new logic board?

Thanks for your help!

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Brandon, check fuse F6901 as well as F7040 for continuity. F6901 is the main AC power in Fuse and F7040 is part of your charging circuit. Should both show continuity, I would suspect that you have issues with the battery charger U7000. Hope this helps, good luck.


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Dear Oldturkey. Please help me to specify absent SMD

I have the same issue after watering and repair at Apple service. Several days after Macbook getting charge and green/orange led was lights on Magsafe. Than battery goes discharge, Magsafe goes blind and now MB works with charged battery only, but nothing else.

Hope it is repairable. Thank you!

PS. Where to find F6901, F7040, U7000 etc?


Block Image


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