Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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trouble reassembling iPhone 4s

i have a few problems so please read everything

i didnt know where to put this part i outlined in a redcircle on the flex cable so just pushed it in under the motherboard and over the speaker, i didnt see anywhere for it to connect too so i cant imagine it doing anything

i also have this little black peice of plastic left over, no idea what to do with it... its not the grounding clip

this is the best photo i could take of it im afraid

after rebuilding the phone the screen nolonger works, could the problems above have anything to do with it

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last question

is it safe for me to dissasemble

the problem is i know the iphone is turned on, ive no idea how much power is left since the screen dont work

is it safe to unscrew the battery





The sensor folds over the ear speaker and you should see the imprint of were it's supose to go. The little clip holds it in place which is why it springs up and looks out off place


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Yes it should be just use a plastic open pry tool when removing battery not a metal object this will cause a short


in the past i replaced the power button flex cable which didnt work... later on i took my phone apart because i forgot to put the clip on the sensor we already discussed, since that moment the power button started working... i have no idea if these things are connected? for some unknown reason my power button nolonger works again could the sensor have anything to do with it because i still dont feel like i installed it properly it always springs up if it wasnt for the logic board holding it down. the clip doesnt do much. i hate to have to buy another ribbon so soon i know for sure i didnt damage it and its connected properly, i tried reinstalling ios etc



That is the light proximity sensor. The other piece is the clip that holds the sensor in place. You need to make sure the sensor is pushed in all the way and then lock the clip into place. This should not have effected your LCD from not turning on at all. Check your connections after you have properly put the sensor back into place.


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ok thanks,

im not intirely sure where im suppose to be pushing this light sensor into place

i cant seem to find any pictures or instructional videos which show me this detail




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