Can I blend two MacBook Pros with different EMC numbers?

I have 2 15" macbook pros, with the same model number (A1286) but they are from different families, 2 years apart. I would like to take the body from the one with glitchy video and put the older one's guts inside it. Is this do-able? HEre are the details>>>

The old one is a 15" MBP, June 2009, serial number W89511PZ642, model A1286/EMC 2325, with a 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. This machine has a beat up body and a cracked screen but runs like a champ now that we installed a new hard drive in it.

The new machine, whose body and display/screen I would like to cannibalize for this repair, is a 15" MBP as well, with serial number C02FM62HDF8V, and is a model A1286/EMC2353-1, but has a slower 2 GHz core i7 processor and is 2 years newer (Early 2011). This machine has some glitch that is causing video to be a problem on netflix as well as having frequent rainbow pinwheels before doing any operation.

The question is... Can I take these both apart, take the guts of the old machine, and put them in the case of the new machine and also use that new machine's un-cracked screen/display? Will everything line up properly?

It seems like it should work, everything lines up on the outside, and the only gotcha I can imagine at this point is the display from the new machine not connecting correctly to the logic board of the old machine. Any input on this frankenstein attempt would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!


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has anyone tried this yet? I don't want to take them all the way apart to find out that it doesn't work... I looked through the ifixit repair guides, and I think it should be fine, but I really was hoping someone could give me a yes or no...






With both being the same model number A1286, it will most likely work.


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