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Can I replace the CPU of my Dell Vostro 3700 laptop?


I have a 3 year old Dell Vostro and I think that the CPU is getting "tired". It runs at 100% too often, even watching a video on YouTube would make the fan run very fast. I cleaned it several times so it's not heating too much at the moment. I found the CPU on eBay and I would like to know if 1) replacing the CPU would fix this issue and 2) if it is doable and not too risky.

When the fans run fast, there is no drop of performance, but it just gets noisy and the laptop starts heating.

I don't think it is a software issue because sometimes it does it when I just open Firefox and Thunderbird. I checked the task manager and I just see that one application is consuming the CPU, which shouldn't be the case. It does the same thing on Linux and Windows. Sometimes it does it at the log in screen.

Here is the CPU I found :

Thanks for your tips and advice.

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Your issues do not sound like a CPU issue. "When the fans run fast, there is no drop of performance, but it just gets noisy and the laptop starts heating." clean your laptop, the fan and and replace the thermal paste.


Yes, this is one of first core-i5 processors but for this laptop YouTube video is nothing! As oldturkey03 say, maybe you have other problems. Find applications which consuming the CPU. You can find the CPU by socked PGA988 but do not expect miracles. You will step out your system 15-25% depending of the new CPU.

And you can use this app Core Temp, it's free.


The last time I opened the laptop, I have noticed any trace of thermal compound. It seems to be cooled without it, with a screw system. And I don't think it is a software issue neither because as I said it sometimes runs fast without even starting Windows.





What CPU are you using now? it has to be the same socket. It can be an upgraded cpu but the socket needs to be the same.


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It is the same CPU that came with the laptop. See here :


Sorry the link is in French. The only relevant part is :

Spécifications de l'ordinateur portable

Dell Vostro 3700 (i5-4500M, GT 330M)Portable: Dell Vostro 3700 (i5-4500M, GT 330M) (Vostro 3700 Série)

Processeur: Intel Core i5 450M

Adaptateur graphique: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

Ècran: 17.3 pouces, 16:9, 1600x900 pixel, brillant: oui

Poids: 2.9kg



Then yes that is most certainly the CPU you want to grab. Good job on the D.I.Y. research! Let me know if you have any further questions in the future.


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My questions remain unanswered thought : is it risky to change the CPU? Would it fix the issue? And I have a new one : I saw that there are two versions of this laptop, and the other has an i7 CPU with the same socket. Is it safe to take the i7 CPU instead? Here are the links :,49022

Thanks for your replies.


No it is not risky IMO. i would go for it my friend. It really should fix the issue but never can be 100%. I would stay with the same i5 to be on the safe side. To many variables with a upgraded cpu.




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