Wireless router released October 2007, model number is WGR614v9.

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How can I fix a router that gives signal, but not internet?

My router will give off wireless signal, but it does not give internet access. I've tried restoring to factory settings, but that won't work either. Is there any way to fix this?

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Hi i am also facing wifi Router issue i am using Cisco CVR100W Wireless-N VPN Router as access point.

its connected on LAN Port from my switch I am not using WAN port of this router just because i am using Firewall Devices.

Router issue

1. some its SSID not found in network

2. its connected but not able to download anything

3. when i ping on my local getway its working proper but when i ping on google or WAN Network some its ping coming proper or some its going to break.

i am also change LAN Cable but not resolve.

help me ASAP help must appreciated also send me email on


router is disconnected (Fiber home)LM53SL


I just bought Huawei outdoor router B222 s40 and it written disconnected from the internet , please check WAN settings or contact your ISP how to fix this problem


The best tip is to 'Reset' your Netgear router. Remove every cord from your router and then connect them again after 5 seconds. Ascertain the modem receives strong internet signals and connect your router to a computer. Use the browser to reset the configuration of your Netgear router and fixing the Netgear router not connecting to internet issue.





Check that is is working via Ethernet. You could be having DNS resolution problems. Depending upon your ISP you have to set your router up with the PPPoE username and password. Or, if you have been issued a static IP address by your provider, (you would need to have requested it), the static IP fields (including network mask and gateway) or clone the Mac (nothing to do with Apple Computers) address of your computer given to you by the provider must also be set in the router.

Once you can confirm connection via Ethernet you can set up your wireless network (seems like you know how to do that part).

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netgear router problem can be solved - just reset the router using the reset key or log in the router using or use the ip config and find out the default gateway and log in to the router and reset or update the firmware and for any other help visit netgear and get the latest firmware for router and see if this helps you out


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Well Today i had the issue with Netgear router & i spent almost 2 hours doing research & troubleshooting. Now few things are clear to me that there are upto 10 number of reasons that could disrupt your internet connectivity so any solution that may have worked for someone else may not work for you.

its best that you follow standard troubleshooting procedure. same steps can be used for any home wireless router troubleshooting regardless of brand.

Now first off one must identify what exactly could cause issue with netgear router -

  • Firmware updates Or settings change
  • isp Disconnection or blockage signal
  • incorrect setup & configuration of router.
  • Overheating router or Modem


Restart/Reboot Router - turn off the modem & router & leave it off for 2 minutes. disconnect the power cable & Ethernet cable & leave it to cool off. after few minutes you can plug everything back together. Now turn on the router & modem then let it boot for a minute. see if that works to help you fix the issue.

Update Netgear Firmware- to keep the operating system of wifi router updated is really important. Now login to your router & check for latest firmware update & update the settings. restart the router after update

Reset the router to default settings- press the reset key at the back of your router & hold the reset key for next 30 seconds. restart the router & reconfigure it. You can setup netgear router from start in case you need anymore help.

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you may have problem, just because of few things,

  • Physical Connection problem
  • internet Connection problem
  • Firmware is outdated.

So these are few reasons, which may stop your netgear to serve the internet. so you need to make sure that your modem is connected from internet port of the router.

once you will connect the modem to the router, i will suggest you to reboot the router and modem and then try to access the internet.

Also, you need to make sure that you are getting internet from your modem. so you need to connect your modem from computer and try to access the internet. if you can't access the internet. i will suggest you to contact to internet service provider and ask them for help.


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When you are unabel to access the internet on your netgear router and getting the orange light on your router. You should follow the tricks given below.

  1. Check the internet connection on your modem. make sure your modem is connected to the internet. If not, you may contact to your isp for fixing the problem.
  2. See the connection settings, make sure your modem is properly connected from the internet port of the router.
  3. Let’s power off your router and modem, & wait for a while, now let’s try to access the internet.
  4. Try to update the firmware settings on your router, ensure that your router is using the valid internet settings.
  5. Let’s restore the modem and comptuer settings, once you will restore your router, you should reboot it once and start configuring it once again.

once you will configure your router, your router will start working fine, So you may go ahead and follow the. In case, if you are still facing the netgear router not working problem. let me know. we will help you in troubleshooting the problem.


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Try connecting your PC with modem or router with RJ45 patch cable and try using internet to check if it works fine or same slow browsing issue. If you still face the slow browsing issue then the issue can be with your ISP and internet connect but its fine then problem in wireless configuration.

In case if connection is fine then go to your router`s wireless setup and make sure that broadcasting is b/g/n mixed mode, then check what broadcasting channel is selected starting from 1 to 11, in case of extreme start or end make in middle like 6 or 7 and in case of any middle number like 6 to 8 make it either 10 or 3. By changing the broadcasting channel shall hopefully stop any interference with other frequencies.

Good Luck


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Got me stuffed I've been trying to connect mine since 3pm that's 5 wasted hrs n still nothing I've tried with leads n without.


  1. Let’s inspect the router and modem connection. They both should be connected to each other directly.
  2. After checking the connection, you should ensure that you are able to access the internet on your modem. If you won’t get internet on your modem. You can contact to your isp for resolving the issue.
  3. Switch off the netgear wifi router and modem for 5 minutes, now switch on them and wait for 3 minutes. Now try to access the web. Let’s see if it allowing you to access the internet or not?
  4. Let’s check the ip address settings on your netgear wifi router. Most of the time, people get orange light on their wifi router due to the ip conflict issue. So ensure that your router and modem’s ip address is not conficting. If it is? You need to change the ip address of your devices.
  5. Check for the router update, if you see any kind of update pending. You may  go ahead and do it right now.
  6. After using the above techniques, if you still won’t be able to access the internet on your router, you have to reset your wifi router then, and reconfigure it using the valid internet settings.

Troubleshoot Netgear router blinking orange


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my modem is working but my router is not

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