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Support screen, or apple logo?

What causes the iPod video to go to the support screen or the apple logo and not go any farther, and what can be done to fix it? also what could be wrong if everything works but the iPod won't play? the screen works, the click wheel works, you can download songs, but they won't play, and if you open itunes and go to the library on the device it shows all the songs but the list is greyed out? i restored it through itunes and held the menu and center button and the menu and play button, but nothing helped. thanks.

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Are you talking about the same device ??

or is it one that stuck on the support screen and one that has the music greyed out ?

the greyed out music is a itunes setting

it's set to auto update all songs and playlists - change it to manually manage songs and playlists and the music should be accessible

the "not playing music" thing is mostly "repaired" with resetting the iPod - but as apple suggests -> You may need to repeat this step


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sorry i didn't get back with you i sold the ipod and i was actually asking about two different ipods. one had the support screen and the other had the problem with the playlist.



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