How do you change the light bulb on a GE Microwave Oven JE1590SC?

The GE site says that you need to have a service tec do it. I am sure my husband can do it if we can find it. It doesn't even show you where it is on their site. Can he do it?

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Willene Dias, I am sure he can. It is a bit of a PITA but doable. You will need to remove all the screws and the wrap around the microwave, the outer cover is the metal wrap around, to access and replace the cavity lamp. Manufacturer part number is WB36X10131 and GE part number is AP2030108. The screwdriver needed is a Torx Tamper Proof Screwdriver and it should be size T20H. 56912B in the diagram shows the bulb and its location.Not an easy job, but definitely cheaper than paying GE $200. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image


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No thanks to GE, but BIG thanks to whoever posted this. It took ten minutes for the change out. My cover had Phillips screws holding the cover. The bulb is a rip off. $31.00 including shipping and tax.


Bless the person who posted this. Bulb cost me $15 on Amazon. My oven had all kinds of metal surrounds that had to come off before I got to the actual housing. Some came off and needed too; others I realized were glued solidly to the oven housing and would slide with the housing when I finally got all the screws out. 2 screws did require that special screwdriver: trip to the hardware store to buy the Torx Tamper Proof screw bits for $2.99. The rest of the screws were philips. Lift up on the housing from the back end of the oven first; then it detaches and can slide backward a few inches to reveal that darned bulb that is on the right side of the oven at the very front. I could not get the bulb prongs to come out of the plastic electrical contact housing. Second trip to the hardware store: bought a snap ring pliers; used those to spread the plastic housing enough to slide the prongs of the bulb out. Those pliers were $15.99 Even with 2 trips to the store this took 3 hours. THANKS all.



GE Profile 2006, JE1590BH... Dias has the right diagram... note the bulb assembly in the upper right front corner. Yes, I said assembly, it is not just a bulb, it is a special assembly from GE ...will cost$15 to $25. Depending on how yours is installed you will have to do the following (yes it is a PITA but I think it makes you properly disconnect the unit from the wall FIRST or risk shorting the control panel or GE has a bunch of lazy design engineers)

1) you must be able to access the unit 's outer cover... remove your mountings.

2) remove the screws on the sides and back that hold the outer cover in place. The outer cover is three sided - left, right and top - in one piece. My unit had three screws with security heads... t10 stars with a dimple in the middle... either you have the right screw driver head or you need to cut slots (with a dremel) into the screws and use a slotted screw driver(worked for me).

3) Slide the panel toward the back about 6 inches panel came off with some difficulty... it is tightly held in place in the top front edge with a recessed, seamless channel and one side was still wedged at the bottom in a special surface mounting (I did not want to flip the unit over to get this off).

4) the light bulb is inverted into a housing... you will only see the bottom of the socket assembly right in front, right side, on top...held by one screw....with a special plug connector.

5) replace the light assembly

6)reverse the steps and "ta-da" there is light.

this took 1 1/2 hour to do a 1 minute job In part because I had not done it before and was being very deliberate ... but I am sure it would take at least 45 mintues minimum.... thanks GE!


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Great post by oldTurkey 3 and jerrylee! Their posts gave my just the right info to tackle this job, and save the cost of an "in-home" repair man.

I too had some difficulty removing the cover, in step 3. Reinstalling the cover was also a bit of a challenge. To reinstall cover, I had to lift the back of the cover, to first engage the top channel, and slowly lower the back of the cover, while engaging the side channels. Once the side channels were engaged, I was able to move the cover forward to fully seat it, and expose the assembly screw holes for re-securing the cover to the microwave.

Safety: Also note the lamp is an ASSEMBLY and is meant to be replace as such. Do NOT try to unscrew or pull the pull the bulb out, as the glass is very brittle after being in service, and will pop when squeezed!


> a recessed, seamless channel and one side was still wedged at the bottom in a special surface mounting (I did not want to flip the unit over to get this off).

Cover off:

• Bend the sides of the cover at the bottom away from the unit, enough so you can:

• Lift the back of the cover a couple of inches

• Nudge the cover backwards

• Boom! It's loose.

Cover on:

• Easier with two people.

• Start with the cover raised at the back as when you removed it.

• Make sure the sides near the front are flat against the unit; they have to slide behind a flange.

• Knock the cover forward.

Yup. burnt blue connector. Happened with 3 of the white connectors in another unit. Sheesh.



If the microwave light bulb is not working it is usually located behind the upper grille and behind an access panel, and above the lower panel. On counter top units you will need to remove the outer cover to get to the bulb. If that doesn't solve the problem check the on-off switch, and control board


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Where do you get the bulb to buy?


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Hi Karl. You should be able google the manufacturer part number wb36x10131 Looks like Amazon (among others) sells them. I think I bought mine at a local appliance store, but if you don't have one locally, an internet search should land you several suppliers to choose from.




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