How do I replace fuse GE microwave mod jvm1440bd003

Can you tell me where to locate and how to replace a fuse in a ge spacesaver microwave mod jvm1440bd003

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john vrtiak, usually we like to refer questions about microwaves on here. Those things pack a lot of oomph and are not a good DIY'er (unless experienced) project. Anyhow, the fuse change seems to be straight forward enough, it is behind the control panel.

Remove 2 screws from front vent cover and removed vent cover

Remove one screw from top of display

Gently push display panel up about 1/4 inch and tilt the top toward the front.

Disconnect 3 thin gauge Molex connectors

Disconnect 1 heavy gauge connector

Remove screw from grounding wire at bottom of display circuit board

Remove display panel completely

Remove grill from above display area

To the left is a 2 x2 inch square board

Coil, capacitor and fuse block

Remove fuse

Match fuse rating and replace

Block Image

Number 47 on the diagram is the fuse. Hope this helps, good luck.


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Thank you Oldturkey!! This $1.75 fuse replacement saved me who knows what in repair service and/or a $300 replacement unit. I had to look up what a Molex connector was :) but beyond that, your instructions were perfectly simplified for someone who's never opened up a microwave before. You're my hero!


Does the capacitor need to be discharged before removing the fuse?



First call your life insurance agent and make sure your policy is up to date. Wear non-grounding shoes. These things are very dangerous.



Unplug your microwave. Although it might seem like no electrical current could possibly be running through your appliance, it could still have stored electrical current somewhere in the system. Be safe rather than sorry and unplug it before you begin.


Find the wiring diagram for your model of GE microwave. You can contact GE directly to get this if you cannot locate your owner's manual. Note the fuse locations and get a screwdriver. Some GE fuses are located under the louvers, while others are located in the door.


Open up the microwave and locate the blown fuse. Sometimes you cannot determine a blown fuse by visual inspection so check it with a multimeter for continuity across the terminals.


Replace the blown fuse. Go to your local hardware store and pick up a matching fuse. Make sure you check the model numbers of the fuse as well to be sure you get the right component. Install the new fuse and put everything back together.


Check the continuity of the circuit if you continue to have power problems. If you have a problem with continuity in the circuit, then you may have a bigger problem than just a blown fuse. Sometimes a power surge will fry a GE microwave's circuit board, which you will need to replace.


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Also, please be advised that microwave fuses are a ceramic fuse (thus the white color), so don't replace it with an automotive type glass fuse, which is probably all the hardware store will have on hand. Get the fuse from an appliance parts store, either locally or on line. Glass automotive fuses simply aren't sufficient to handle the amperage of a microwave oven.


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It's a 20A/250V ceramic fuse, available from Home Depot, marked as for microwaves.


The fuse I took out is marked 6C20A125V and is glass.



I love the internet! Fuse replacement worked perfectly. Was ready to replace, but decided to look up a repair online. Thanks for posting the fix.


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I have to add this important fact - the capacitor in all microwaves can hold 4K-6k volts even after it has been unplugged for days and weeks. This has KILLED many diy'ers and many well trained technicians. The last death I've heard of was a 24yr old technician that picked up the microwave just to move it. The outer cabinet wasn't screwed down and it touched the capacitor killing the young man instantly.

If you have successfully repaired your microwave without any training you are one of the lucky ones.




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