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Why doesnt the display like cold temperatures?

I have a strange problem with a Macbook Pro 3.1 LED display.

It works fine at home, however while at low temperature half of the display is not usable . It works perfectly at a normal temperature.

The video card is working fine, I tested at the apple store for the nvidia issue, and with external video. What can it be? The display or also the motherboard?


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Displays have trouble functioning correctly in low temperatures. The reason is that all displays use LCDs (Liquid Crystal Display). Since the LCD crystals are suspended in liquid when they become cold they are less responsive like icing when it cools below room temperature. I recommend only using ur MacBook in 55°F areas. If you have issues in temperatures higher than 60° there is a defect in your display. Hope this helps!



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Ty for the answer but :

isn't normal for a notebook , it's not usable in this winter if it go out from home .

I will try to change the lcd.


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I would advise taking it back to the genius bar and better explaining you issue and possibly printing out this conversation so they can better understand that the LCD seems to have refreshing issues and could die soon. If its still under warranty they should fix it. If not we can look at other options to fix your problem.



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