I’m part of iFixit’s EU policy team in Brussels.

A tinkerer since childhood, I have a mild obsession with the innards of power tools and woodworking machinery and I have worked for almost a decade as a product specialist in the power tools industry.

I’m now involved in research projects exploring options for more sustainable product design and end-of-life treatment, such as the Horizon 2020 projects CloseWEEE, Sustainably Smart, and PROMPT. I frequently engage in EU policy debates on material efficiency and circular economy.

I also act as an expert in reparability and reusability for the European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS) and as such have been actively involved in CENELEC TC111X WG7 (drafting EN 50614: Requirements for the preparing for re-use of waste electrical and electronic equipment) and CEN/CENELEC JTC10 WG3 (drafting EN45554: General methods for the assessment of the ability to repair, reuse and upgrade energy related products).

In my free time, I volunteer as a repair technician for electric and electronic devices at the local repair café and tool library, of which I am a co-founder.