Born in Yorkshire, but raised on the east coast of the US. Having moved 24 times before i was 18, i've been around a bit... mainly across the pond.

I first used a mac in college in the States, then bought my first one in 2006... I haven't looked back since.

since then i've been working with TheBookyard Ltd in the UK, starting first as a part time engineer in training, to now as the head technician and manager of the company. I love being able to pass on knowledge to other employees in training, and am always the first one to open up new ranges (including iOS devices)

I've always been interested in seeing how things work, and this is only the start of things! I'm always working on improving and expanding our websites listings to show all interchangeability, and feedback is always helpful... but shoot your questions over and i'll do what i can to help...

i may be a young user in the eyes of the world, but i've got more experience and knowledge than any apple lover i've met...


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