My introduction, school & program:

Hello everyone! I am Manraj Singh, a 3rd year undergraduate student at York University. My program is Bachelor’s of commerce and I am majoring in Information Technology. IT and computing was my interest since my childhood and that is the reason I have chosen this major.

Future Aspirations:

I aspire to work in the IT industry as it is used everywhere and it never stops growing though I am still not sure about which domain to choose.


I had worked upon a travel blogging project for a contest in which I participated in school, and I had won the first prize in my state. I had won a week long, an all-expense paid trip to Sydney, Australia with my parents.

Repair Experience:

I have fixed a lot of things using DIY youtube videos and also derived better ways of doing the same things.


I love playing badminton, going for cycling and binge-watching series during my spare time.

Importance of the project for me:

This project will give me a professional experience of dealing with problems and working around them to find better ways to fix them.

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Sometimes I feel that the Fall weather should stay all year-long!

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The view when the snow falls amazes me but the cold that comes after becomes bad at times.