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Hello IFIXIT world, my name is Ashley and i I am a student at the University of Washington Tacoma . I am a senior this year in the business school, my major is business management.

What I hope to do with my degree is be apart of a non-profit organization that deals with children with special needs, or a non-profit advocating for woman. I have a huge passion for helping people and making sure that voices that aren’t normally heard are advocated for. What I hope and dream is that everyone is created equal and that everyone has the same opportunities in this country.

Some skills I posses is the ability to listen with an open mind, to make sure that people are comfortable around me and trust me. Trust to me is the absolute number 1 priority.

There are some things that I used to make, for Christmas gifts I would sew cooking aprons. I also made my own candles for gifts one Christmas.

Though I don’t have much repair experience I was a hair stylist for 12 years. I consider doing hair an art and I have a lot of experience. with hair. To me making someones hair a different color is a repair, there are certain steps that need to be done and if one or two steps are missed the color or cut could turn out drastically different.

My passion was making the perfect blonde color for my clients. I also really loved to cut bangs on woman as well. They usually highlight the face and bring out the eyes depending on the face structure.

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I have a lot of hobbies, some of them include yoga, hiking, running, spending time with family and taking my doggies to the park to run. I love most things outdoors, including water sports. Also my husband and I love to travel, we have been to North Africa, Spain, Paris and many other places.

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I like doing this project because it is close to home for me, my mom taught me how to sew and fix clothing. Having something hand made to give someone to me is special and shows that the time, love and care was put into it.

A fun fact about me is I am pregnant and due January 2021!!!!