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Karly is originally from Redmond Washington, and is currently a Sophomore at Eastern Washington University. While she hasn’t decided on a major yet, she is currently studying Technical Communications and Accounting.

Karly is an avid reader, a cook, and an artist. She likes to spend her free time outdoors with a book when the weather is nice enough. Karly also has an insatiable curiosity and likes to take things apart and putting them back together in order to figure out how they work. She also enjoys experimenting with flavor, color, design, wording, sound, and other things to satiate her need for new knowledge.

While completing her projects, Karly hopes to gain further insight on how to troubleshoot and how to help guide others through troubleshooting using easy to understand and precise communications. She is also excited to take apart her printer, troubleshoot what is wrong with it, put it back together again, and the write a troubleshooting guide for it to help her mom.